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Selling A Business

The decision to sell a business is a difficult one. Advance planning, we believe, is the key to a successful sale. Many factors impact the outcome, such as confidentiality, valuation, timing , expectations, etc. These factors make the process complex. Our experience and knowledge of the appropriate steps enable CarpenterHawke to provide strategy and plan formulation to suit the needs of each sell side client.

Business Valuation

When a valuation is performed in anticipation of a sale, our appraisal does many things. First, it tells the client how much the enterprise is worth and it gives a comparison as to where the firm stands to industry averages. This can be most helpful in positioning the business to sell.

Buying A Business

Buying a business is a complex process that requires expertise in researching and identifying acquisition prospects, initiating conversations, and recommending strategies. CarpenterHawke prides itself on identifying the best businesses that fit our clients criteria.

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