Selling Your Business

Selling Your Business Is A Life-Changing Decision, Don’t Go It Alone

If you have a business and want to sell it, then Carpenter Hawke has the experience, resources, and global reach to secure the right deal for you, at the right time. Selling a business the right way takes years of experience. We start by fully understanding your objective and goals and then we customize a process to find the optimal buyer and deliver the end result that our client desires. At the heart of our process is comprehensive preparation and buyer research from our support team along with a coordinated, aggressive and confidential marketing effort. This, combined with our partners over 50 years of extensive experience negotiating transactions on behalf of our sell-side clients, allows Carpenter Hawke to achieve above average results. The better we learn and understand your business and your objectives in a sale, the better we can serve you. We (Seller and Carpenter Hawke) become a team in the process. All Done Confidentially!!

There are many valid reasons for selling a business, including: Liquidity, Succession and Retirement, Estate Planning, Expansion or Synergistic. Carpenter Hawke & Company was founded in 1993 to provide private businesses/companies with a level of merger and acquisition expertise generally available only to larger companies. Our expertise is handling the specific issues associated with selling private, small to mid sized companies. We regularly advise sellers on the why, when and how of the selling privately owned business. We also are experts at business market value, which is usually one of the most important questions and concerns sellers have! What is my business worth!
A company’s value is determined by a variety of factors, including: a company’s past performance, its future earnings prospects, its industry outlook, and the strength of its management, products and services. In the end, value is determined in the marketplace. The best way to maximize value is to create an active market of interested acquirers, “One Buyer Is No Buyer” .

Our team would be glad to discuss (CONFIDENTIALLY) your objective, or to provide guidance on the range of market value for your business. Also please sign up for our free book entitled, “How To Sell Your Small to Mid – Size Business”, by our colleague, Ney Grant. We have experience to sell your business at the maximum possible price. Contact us today and sell your business according to your requirement.