Buying And Selling Businesses

Selling a Business

Divestiture Program:

We position your business for sale to achieve maximum value. A business is sold for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason, it is our goal to be responsive and sensitive to our seller’s needs.
We spend a substantial amount of time in preparing a selling memorandum that accurately and thoroughly describe our client’s business. We review the acquisition criteria on our databases of financial, corporate, industry and individual buyers. Advance planning, we believe, is the key to a successful sale. We join forces with the seller assuring that they realize the maximum value from the sale of their business.
Business experts have stated that with many “baby boomer” business owners approaching retirement age, a large number of these owners will sell their companies in the next few years. Surveys of business owners confirm that a very high percentage anticipate selling their businesses within the next three years.

Buying a Business


The best businesses some time never come on the market! We represent corporations and individual buyers searching for business opportunities. Our search program helps companies looking to expand through acquisitions, target companies that are not even on the market. Ours is a proactive approach. If we do not represent a seller that fits the search, then we know how to find and approach appropriate candidates that meet the client’s criteria.
For the individual buyer/entrepreneur, owning a business can provide security, financial independence and control. We are able to service buyers by offering established businesses for sale, assisting in assessing a company’s profitability, and fully guiding the buyer through the acquisition process.

Business Valuation Services

Valuation Services:

How much is your business worth in today’s market? When looking to sell a business, a valuation is a very important component. In order to better serve our clients, we established CH Business Valuation LLC, a full service business valuation company.

When a valuation is performed in anticipation of a sale or acquisition, our appraisal does many things. First, our appraisal tells the client how much the enterprise is worth. Secondly, we run several tests to determine if the cash flow is sufficient to pay the debt service to acquire the enterprise.

We Seek Out Opportunities
And Skillfully Craft
Effective Transactions

Carpenter Hawke & Co., provides professional merger, acquisition, divestiture and valuation services to sellers and buyers of privately held small to mid-size businesses.

The decision to SELL a business is a difficult one. Many factors impact the outcome, such as what the business is worth, the timing of a sale, etc. These factors make the process complex. Our experience and knowledge of the appropriate steps enable Carpenter Hawke & Co., to provide strategy and plan formulation to suit the needs of each client.

Carpenter Hawke & Co., is affiliated with a network of intermediaries throughout New England, the U.S. and Europe. This allows our firm to identify and contact potential buyers and sellers from coast to coast and overseas. Our experience allows us to analyze national and local economies, local industry, and profiles of similar businesses and specifics on individual companies, which can help determine the fair market value for a particular business. We have offices in Boston and Indianapolis.