Deals Done Videos

Carpenter Hawke includes a short video in the package of marketing materials we create to bring your company to market. We’ve found that these videos engage buyers visually in your business – and can also accelerate the deal process. Our creative, impactful 2-minute videos allow buyers to experience the owner’s passion as they conduct a quick, virtual site visit. The video complements all the written and financial information we develop to market your company.

When we launch your business to market, the video is linked on the first page of the Confidential Descriptive Memorandum and can only be viewed by interested buyers who sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

The professionals who produce these videos have many years of M&A expertise and know how to best highlight your company’s key value drivers, unique advantages, and opportunities for future growth and profitability.

Videos created for deals we have closed.

Fencing Supply & Installation

Custom Packaging Solutions For Diverse Applications

Upscale Fitness Company with 4 Locations

Award-Winning Designer & Fabricator of Commercial Signage

Canadian Manufacturer of Advanced Polymer Composites

Precision Manufacturer for Global OEMs

Transmission Services in Major Metro Area

Manufacturer of Scar-Away Health Products

Multi-location Chain Selling Lawn, Garden & Pet Products

Regional Chain of Convenience Stores

Website Development and Hosting for CPAs

Designer/Manufacturer of Industrial Stretch Wrapping Equipment

Manufacturer of LED & Other Lighting

Dominion Elevator Maintenance Services

Training, Consulting & Technical Solutions

Precision-Machined Parts for Weaponry and Aerospace Industries

Permit Puller