selling business assets

Stock vs. Asset Sales – A Visual Explanation

April 2, 2017 By
  Selling the shares you hold in a company vs. selling the assets out from the under the company can make a big difference in taxes, who assumes certain liabilities and what happens to certain contracts. There are challenges with each, such as the assignment of customer agreements with an asset sale, and change of control clauses in stock sales.   We’ve known Ney Grant, an M&A Advisor on the west coast, for many years and he has recently released
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company weakness

What Are Your Company’s Weaknesses?

February 11, 2017 By
  Every company has weaknesses; the trick is to fix them.  There is a saying that the test of a good company president or CEO is what happens to the company when he or she leaves.  Some companies–on paper–may look the same, but one company may be much more valuable due to weaknesses in the other company.  Not all problems or weaknesses can be resolved or fixed, but most can be mitigated.  Fixing or lessening company weaknesses can not only
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Be a Winning Seller: Good Negotiation is the Key

February 1, 2017 By
  You’ve made the big decision to put your business on the market. Your reasons for selling are valid, carefully-considered, and “good” – the kind that won’t make a prospective buyer shy away. Now, you may tell yourself, comes the fun part. You’ll come up with a price – maybe a little high, but why not? – and let gut instinct (an attribute common to successful business owners) lead the way. Wait just a minute. Or maybe a quarter of
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