How to Find the Right Buyer for Your Business

November 1, 2018 By
Most owners of businesses have little to no experience selling a business. This can create significant imbalance when business owners put their business on the market, and must negotiate with buyers who have ample experience buying businesses. So what are some strategies for successfully finding the right acquirer? Get the Right Help Don’t make the mistake that so many businesses make. Business owners are often DIY type. So they want to manage the sale on their own business, too. But
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Why M&A Deals Depend on Confidentiality

October 1, 2018 By
A successful M&A deal depends on confidentiality. The primary goal of a good M&A Advisor or business brokerage is to structure a competitive bidding process with a well-designed deal, while protecting confidentiality for as long as is necessary. Confidentiality protects the seller’s interests. It also encourages creative bidding. So don’t let it fall by the wayside, or work with a banker who doesn’t have a clear plan in place for protecting confidentiality. The Non-Disclosure Agreement Your NDA is your first
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Maintaining Confidentiality Throughout the Sale Process

September 1, 2018 By
There are two key ingredients when it comes to selling a business: professionalism and confidentiality.  If either of these two ingredients are lacking, then you’ll most likely run into problems.  Sadly, many sellers see their deals fall apart due to a breach of confidentiality.  You certainly don’t want to be among their ranks. The simple fact is that a breach in confidentiality can negatively impact everyone from suppliers and vendors to creditors.  For example, vendors could change their terms and
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