Exit Planning for 2022: What to Do Now

December 15, 2021 By
If you’re considering selling your company in 2022 or beyond, the time to begin exit planning is now. It can take 18 months or longer to successfully sell a business. The more time you have, the more successful your exit plans are likely to be. Meeting with an advisory team can help you identify areas for improvement in time to make a meaningful change in the value of your business and its ultimate sale price—especially as COVID-19 related economic uncertainty
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A Guide for Determining a Reasonable Price for Your Small Business

December 11, 2021 By
There is a considerable difference between determining the value of a privately-held company and a publicly-held company. Topping the list of considerable differences is the fact that privately-held companies do not have audited financial statements. Let’s look at how the owners of privately held companies should proceed in establishing a reasonable price for their company. An audited financial statement is a costly endeavor. In order to avoid the cost, many companies simply don’t go public. Of course, it should be
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Current Insights Regarding the Labor Shortage

December 4, 2021 By
BizBuySell’s Insight Report is filled with key statistics and information on a range of topics, including the labor shortage and hiring problems that many businesses currently face. Visit BizBuySell for more information about the findings that they recently reported for the third quarter of 2021. This website also offers an archive of past quarterly reports dating back to 2013.  The pandemic has “reshuffled the deck,” causing many to reassess their positions in corporate America. At this point in 2021, businesses
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