Three Easy & Effective Ways to Negotiate

April 14, 2018 By
Far too many prospective business buyers and sellers overlook just how important negotiations can be.  But they can also be tricky. In general, there are three approaches to negotiations. Thinking through your negotiation strategies well before the time to buy or sell is a savvy and prudent move. Negotiation Tactic #1  Take It or Just Leave It In this negotiating tactic, the buyer makes an offer and the seller makes a counter-offer, then both sides leave it there.  If the
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Reasons to Consider Selling Your Business

April 10, 2018 By
Owning a business can be lonely. But there are many others out there like you. If you’re considering selling your business, you should know the most common reasons. Some are good. Some are bad. Understanding your motivation can help you make a wise decision. The decision to sell your business can be emotionally difficult. Your business is your most valuable asset, into which you have poured much of yourself. It’s important, therefore, to avoid navigating the sales process alone—no matter
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Red Flags are Not a Pretty Sight

April 7, 2018 By
When it comes to selling a business, sellers simply must pay attention to red flags.  Problems can always pop up, and that’s why they need to keep their eyes open. Rarely does a “white knight” ride in and rescue a business with no questions asked.  And if this were to happen, you should be asking, “Why?”  Until a deal is officially inked, sellers need to evaluate every aspect of a transaction to make sure something isn’t happening that could wreck
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